Saturday, November 8, 2008

Yves Saint Laurent Exhibit and my 50th birthday celebration

So I turned 50 today. It was a great day: we went to the Museum to see this new fashion exhibit about YSL. And you will not believe me, there was a dress created in 1958 (my birth year) called SIMONE! I took a picture of the sketch and the actual dress. I have no idea who was Simone in 1958, obviously not me, but this is such a nice coincidence. So many friends and family called me. Thank you all of you. My mother in law sent me the BEST birthday card. Steve wrote the best one. "I am his first lady" Be jealous Michelle Obama! So we went to eat out for dinner at Rose Pistola. Well I needed a pistol to shut the waiter up. We have never encountered someone so obnoxious. He never stopped talking. We were delighted to leave the place. Voila. 50 years passed by, looking forward to my second half of a century! Baci from San Francisco to all of you

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