Monday, November 22, 2010

Charming Nancy Pelosi..

We met in the elevator. And picture with a very pleasant and elegant lady. Nancy thank you. I hope you will check the blog! You promised!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Reading my own X-rays…Or thanking Dr. House

A small fall at work…and here I am at California Pacific Medical Center for my left foot. I feel like it is really bad. May be broken. An excruciating pain is preventing me from putting my foot down. The staff took some x-rays and send them to…………..Australia to be read. Here I am in San Francisco waiting for someone in Sydney or Melbourne to tell me if I can walk again soon or not… Well Australia: you were so wrong. How could you see a double fracture? And where? I got my x-rays on a cd and when I read them,

I could not see any broken bones. Now true, I am not a doctor…but my hero is Dr. House. In one episode, he is showing an intern how to read x-rays and guess what, I feel like I learn something because I played doctor and broken bones, I could not see….So if you need any healthcare, avoid Australia. The only good side, they told me I grew...I am 5'1...Look at the crutches adapted for my height