Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Interview at France 2? Eh Michele Obama did not get this phone call yet!!

I forgot to tell you that France 2 (major French TV network) called me last week. We got an article about transfats (graisses hydrogenees in French) in Liberation a few weeks ago and they were wondering if a French tv came and visit. Well to be honest the call is really for Steve my husband. But when you say France, you automatically say Simone around the Josephs' Home. So Mr. Caillebault from France 2 wanted to interview me about transfats. This is unbelievable. Me a small French woman lost in California, found by the French TV. It is true we have seen multiple tv channels around here: most American ones from ABC to CBS to CNN, then we got Korean, Australian, Japanese to name a few who liked the story. So now France is coming strong on us. Eh like I told Mr. Caillebault, you get me a ticket and I come to Paris for the interview ...and I don't need 1st class or business class.
Here is the Liberation article in French only. Duh...http://www.liberation.fr/monde/0101121539-mesures-de-poids-aux-etats-unis
My lunch today: grilled turkey burger, one onion ring (I am being reasonable every single day and that drives the Chefs crazy because everyone of them wants me to taste things they make and I made a point to say no!) and a nice salad.

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