Thursday, April 12, 2012

From sweet tooth to new bakery project....

Do you know what I love to eat more than anything...ok you know, you read the last Paris blog about pastries. Well I repeat I love cakes, sweets, anything chocolate, vanilla, anything that is made with Sugar.

Well "60 minutes" never told me (or called me, they have my number) that they were going to run a segment about "sugar being toxic"

Well too bad because the day after, see the picture of the new bakery at work (USF Bon Appetit.)

Well don't get excited and run for freebies..this is not mine. But what do you think?

And all began on a Saturday while I was strolling around the city checking for French style macarons (not macaroons like coconut macaroons.) And I found Chef Alex. He is actually in charge of the Premiere class at Virgin and now he is adding to his sellers' list Bon Appetit at USF. And the kids are lovin'it.

So here is my next project...Begging Chef Alex to make these..

and I will invite 60 minutes for the launch. And the Oreo Cookie Monster (a.k.a. Steve Joseph)