Sunday, April 26, 2009

Too Much Happening…Too Little Time To Report…

Where should I begin: Chinese lessons at 5:30 am? Sisters visiting San Francisco? Parties at work with incredible food? Things seen in San Francisco or elsewhere? No more Republican friends...because I am talking about Obama? Being behind the scene at the MOMA with Ruth? YOU tell me what you want to read. Just look at the pictures… and decide.

Seen on a wall in San Francisco: what is it? Click on the picture…it is not a giant spider.

Seen in a supermarket in San Francisco: Don't you love how the t-shirt matches the tattoos and he was super nice! My new friend...

Great Parties DONE by Bon Appetit Team:

When I arrive every morning I work, I go to the kitchen to check all the catering menus are under control and something happened EVERY TIME: someone says something in Chinese and within seconds, everyone is looking at me at the same time...and some comments are exchanged. This is the main reason I am learning Chinese. I might not be very fast at it yet, a lot is going on, but I promise you in 6 months, I will answer back in the kitchen! Last week, I wore a blue suit. I entered the kitchen and voila…the word “blue” (làn) was said. Hooray!!! I think (I hope)they like my “blue” suit because smiles were over their faces. Well I hope this is what they said because I know, for sure, I didn’t turn blue when I went to see them…..

So my two sisters came and stay with us for a few days. They loved San Francisco!!! Even if they live in Europe, for them this is a real balanced city. Now if you live anywhere else in the USA and you are reading this you wonder what that means, voila my explanations: not too many buildings (NY?) great climate (Boston? Chicago?) Very free (ouh la la..I’d better not put any other city names now) beautiful views (I once ended up in an Air France pilot’s cabin ready to land in San Francisco and the 2 French pilots told me that out of all the cities they approached, San Francisco is the most unique with its coasts, bridges, mountains, and richness of its landscapes) and wonderful minded people. (Everyone knows new trends and craziness very often begin in this area of the world.)

We went to tour the University of the Pacific. Well the food there was great (Bon Appetit is in charge…) But what I really thought was unique was the bathrooms and the way they conserve the water. NO COMMENTS.

Behind the scenes in the MOMA: Ruth gave us a “special” tour of the MOMA anyone can get a private guided tour of the MOMA but we got a very unique one. So some pictures...where the Board meets and decides of the future of some paintings. The area when things are unpacked, restored, checked and literally shipped around the world. Thank you very much Ruth that was the best part of our visit.

A few people don’t want to read my blog anymore because I talked about President Obama. My question to them: did you get rid of your tv? Did you stop your newspapers subscriptions? Did you cut any link with your friends? Did you stop surfing the web? Because if you don’t want to read about Obama anywhere…I feel sorry for you. It is in the news everywhere … and not only in English