Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Peter Pan in San Francisco...or Eating English Food with Bon Appetit

The English have arrived in San Francisco. I should say Peter Pan and the English troup are here for a few months and we, at Bon Appetit, will take care of their concession stands and catering needs.

The boxes are not unloaded yet...but the actors and rehearsing under the huge tent

Cooking and preparing food at Peter Pan Site

Cupcakes with a Style...

Candies, lollipops...

Let's take a peak inside the tent. Tinker Bell is flying.

Opening Day at the Ball Park....and Good Food at the Same Time

Yes we decided to skip work and go to the baseball game...we were not alone, around 20,000 fans followed us..or may be followed the game.

We got the best seats possible

Now don't ask me about baseball rules...

We ate before the game

We ate during the game...

And we ate after the game...back to Mijitas when we met Tracy DesJardins (Chef and owner of Mijitas)

I am not sure who won, but I enjoyed all the tasty treats of the day!