Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voulez-vous voter avec moi ce soir???

While I am typing this, California polls are still open for another 30 minutes. Remember New York and the East Coast are 3 hours behind, they stopped voting a while ago while we are still doing it here on the West Coast. And this is a little bit of problem because we do get influenced by the East Coast. If one knows Obama is winning, one does not bother to go voting. People need to know every vote counts. So we woke up very early to be at the polling station the first one to vote. We voted in a school down the street from our home. [Most polling places are very close to your address.] We were no. 3 in the line. So I took some pictures (we were not supposed to so I did it quietly) so you could see the ballot (bulletin de vote en francais.) Remember to click on the picture and you will see details. We had to fill out a circle with black ink. We (Ava and I for good luck) picked President Obama. And I learned a lot. When we are done, we slide the ballot in a machine that looks like a big cubic computer. And it adds all the votes. Then at the end of the day, the Sheriff picks up the machine with body guards and takes it to San Rafael, at the Civic Center (comme une prefecture, in French) and they add all the votes from all the cities around. Now at the very end, they gave us a sticker (this is America, we always feel like kids, we got a reward...) but this time, the sticker could give you either a free Starbucks cup of coffee, a free Ben and Jerry's ice cream or a Krispy cream donut!! It is 7:12 pm and it looks like "our boy" is winning! Go Obama! A black president at the White House: the Presidential's home was built by slaves. What a beautiful moment in the US history! OK tomorrow back to my kitchen, demain, je retourne dans mes fourneaux!

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