Sunday, October 26, 2008

A wedding food extravaganza: Seafood...I love you.

I was asked to help the chefs this past Saturday. That was like a dream come true. Me, the unknown little cook from California, with a chef apron and having fun.
So here is the story: a wedding with no money limits (at least in terms of menu) when all the seafood on the earth (I should say in the sea) met on the table: from ceviche with fresh crab meat, gaspacho with chopped shrimp, small brioches stuffed with lobster, Cajun Jambalaya straight out of New Orleans (with crabmeat and Andouille sausage), fresh oysters coming from Maine a few hours before, the kitchen was an ocean of marvels. The menu chosen by the bride was all new to the guests (mostly Jewish)Potatoes, zucchini and pumpkin latkes with a creme fraiche (homemade by the Chefs), small tiny hamburgers with all the trimmings, roasted Vegetarian and Mozarella sandwiches (eggplant marinated in pesto, dried tomatoe stuffed in a rosemary shallot homemade foccacia (are you hungry now???)tomatoe, mozarella on a stick marinated in a pesto sauce (made by our chefs) Since I was working "cooking" I could not take pictures of all the items but I let you admire the cupcakes very fashionable now at weddings. A bientot!

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