Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sausages? Nutella? I know not together...

At 3 pm, I went to the bakery to check on Mario, well he was making Nutella from scratch...I could not help to put my finger on the food processor paddle. At the same moment opposing from him I saw John making sausages: in the good old days, before mad cow disease, animal casings were used (pork or cow intestines that were washed) John is using plastic wrap. He was making vegan (in French macrobiotic) sausages, the recipe is not important it is the process that is. And I am thinking of Mr. Hayat who is trying to make some special sausages for his grandson's barmitsvah! So you make your stuffing/meat mix and you use plastic cling wrap. You spread it on the table. You stuff it with your mix and your roll. Then when you have obtained a sausage, you use the string for turkey and every 4 inches, you tie a knot. See pictures. Then they are refrigerated to "harden" and cooked in water and unwrapped from the plastic casing!!! VOILA!

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