Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bon Appetit pictures.... Voila.

Now today, I wanted to show you how big is the place, how nice is the clock and how wonderful is the kitchen. We make crepes every day at 4 pm. And we get ready for orders for the night for the following day. It is unbelievable to see all the chefs and sous chefs working. Can you see the sandwiches getting prepared for the students coming to eat tonight? Enjoy Chef Morano making small asparagus tarts with a custard he is adding. And remember to click on them to see the details.
Ah yes my my lunch: roastbeef with rooted vegetables, salad with a strawberry vinaigrette and a pear. Tonight I made spaghetti with homemade meatballs and some parmesan bread. We had salad but without any strawberry vinaigrette…I know that is not fancy enough. Enjoy!! And vote on the right if you want recipes.

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