Sunday, February 15, 2009

Welcome to my "Souk" Bazar OR how to enjoy the Yard, Garage or Moving Sale?

My yard sale has been one of the funniest experiences I have had in the USA. We have advertised it with NO SIGNS on the street so we have had only a selection of people who found our ad on a famous computer web site. So I have put some fun signs around, candies for the visitors, a working tv in the background (I want to sell it so I might as well prove that it is working) a disco light, a chair (so whoever needs to try shoes can sit eh this is a 5-star Yard sale, I warned you) plastic bags (with this rain, paper will not work;-)to take your purchases (Customer satisfaction is VERY IMPORTANT HERE)and whenever someone buys something, they get something free!! So it is pouring rain since yesterday (Saturday) this is my 2nd day and we made close to 300 dollars!!! VIVE LE "CLASSY" YARD SALE!

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