Saturday, February 21, 2009

Luppe Fiasco at Bon Appetit or How to Feed a Rap Star

When I heard that Luppe Fiasco was coming to USF I went on Google.Italy: I thought he was an Opera star. Well when we received his rider (In French: menu qu’un artiste demande dans sa loge pour la soiree de son concert) I got puzzled: Fried shrimp, Turkey bacon, Hebrew National Hotdogs and Fruit Salad and… “junk food” too At this moment I knew that my guy was not Italian. Well we got ready early for this “star” and plan accordingly. Since we had VIP passes we entered “his” sanctuary: massage table, pillows, presents (for his B’day : what a timing Mr. Fiasco!) We did a fabulous job but I am not sure, he did one. If you ask me, the five minutes I spent in the auditorium left me deaf for an hour. Rap Music…not sure. Mr. Fiasco as far as I am concerned, you were a disaster musically speaking but we know something, at Bon Appetit, we performed very well!

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