Monday, March 5, 2012

Why you should go and see "THE ARTIST"

San Francisco Chronicle published all the reasons you need to see this wonderful movie and guess what....Yours truly is the author:

"Why did "The Artist" win the Oscar? Imagine being transported for 1 1/2 hours into a silent world. Most of us might not even know what silence is. With music in our ears, phone in our hands, we are constantly texting, speaking, checking news, television or radio. Noise is like the new unwanted guest that does not want to depart from our home. It invades our space, our peace. Try to take a cab lately and check the screen in the backseat constantly moving with images, messages and ads. Try to watch any TV show or news and see small moving characters on the bottom of the screen.

Silence does not exist anymore. So here you have a perfect little movie with no special effects, no extra-loud sounds and a nice little story to follow. Hats off to the director from all of us who are dreaming of silence.

Simone Joseph, San Francisco"

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