Tuesday, August 9, 2011

CANADA: Montreal, Quebec, Toronto and Vancouver

When I told friends and colleagues that I was going to Canada, there was no interest in my choice. I wonder why. Because I thought the country was absolutely BEAUTIFUL, the people WONDERFULLY nice and we had a grand time. Now if you want to see buildings or Montreal itself, this is not going to be the case. These are unusual things we saw in Montreal. For instance.... Puzzle anyone? in the street..during your break. Why not?

Or chess game anyone?

Plastic bottles, recycled..and looking nice.

More beautiful recycling

I called it "Butter statue"

I liked this!

In case you are not sure....

Exclusive neighborhood...who would know right?

This is the escalator handrail...leading to the food court (can you see the baked potatoes all along the handrail)

Pancakes made from a machine...Which size is for you? Please keep the one on the left for the newborn baby.

I love this


Beautiful murals

Beautiful right? Better than Provence

Chateau Frontenac

I always say that...

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