Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Have you ever fought with a Rabbi?

Well I did not expect to fight meet or even talk to any rabbi when I went to the butcher today. I wanted to buy 2 barbecued chickens. When the cashier told me “46.00” for the 2 chickens, I asked him what was special about these chickens. From one thing to another, the “smart” Rabbi waiting in line (he actually looked scary, in black "rabbi uniform" deadlocks on each side behind his ears and his black hat. All looking grim), said “they are kosher” Duh..I am in a kosher butcher. Anyway, here is the conversation: “woah your prices went seriously up, two weeks ago, this chicken cost $9.99 a piece. What is going on?” Shopkeeper: “the fuel you know..” “Actually, the fuel went down. You need to give me a better reason” the Rabbi: “if you want cheap chicken go to Costco. They cost .69 cents a pound” Well my friend, did you know you got someone smarter than you. Me “well actually Safeway advertized for .19 cents this morning! But thanks anyway.” Now you are thinking, this is it. No the Rabbi went on “people buy cheap chickens and after that get salmonella. I know what I am talking about” Me” thanks I know a lot about chickens AND salmonella. I cook and by the way, I am in the food business” The Rabbi “I am a Doctor too, I know what I am talking about. A lot of people get sick eating badly cooked chicken” “Well I am a cook, I know too. Thanks for your advice” and I concluded after grabbing my bags, “stay in your synagogue, you might do a better job!” I did not hear his answer and guess what, I am glaaaad.

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Californians for Extended Product Responsibility said...

“Stay in your synagogue, you might do a better job!”

Wow! This dog bites!