Sunday, August 17, 2008

My visit to Torino (Italy)

When I came back and announced that I spent 5 days in Torino, not only people asked where it was but also why. Well, to be honest, as far as I am concerned Italy is Italy. I just love spending time in Italy, playing with the grammar and learning new Italian words and just dealing with the people. I am almost sure that there are the nicest and most pleasant people you can meet during your vacation. Torino was an amazing town. Most tourists never think of going there. But did you know they have a Museum completely dedicated to the cinema? “La Molle Antonelliana” Actually some Italians called it the “cinegogue” because the building was supposed to be a synagogue and when they run out of money, well, as easy as uno-due-tre, it became the Museum of the Cinema. Imagine FIVE floors dedicated to the 7th art but strangely enough, not a huge emphasis was put on Italian actors like Sophia Loren, or Marcello Mastroianni. It would have been in Hollywood, you would have seen mostly American actors! Imagine an elevator in the middle of the monument that takes you to the top so you can enjoy breathtaking views of Torino, the city. Magnificent surroundings, beautiful buildings Torino like most Italian cities was full of surprises. First the city has numerous ”piazze” (equivalent to squares) then you have design everywhere. From the way people are dressed to the furniture: no wonder Torino was “officially named the the first World Design Capital” in 2008. So we went searching for the new designs and we were not disappointed: benches with the shape of Italy, coffee machines, mirrors, chairs with strange shapes, “Toelette” sign for ladies, Chinese cooking pot, Chandeliers. I could go on for ever. Torino ti amo (Torino, I love you!)

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