Friday, June 6, 2008

My visit at IKEA....Or is IKEA a pastry place?

So I am planning a big party and I decided to buy a dozen of different cakes. Since I have been in the Silicon Valley a lot, I heard IKEA makes good cakes. I am sure you did not know: I did not. Because IKEA and I are not very good friends. Cheap furniture you have to mount from scratch is not my style. Anyway, we stopped at IKEA on our way back from Oracle and bought 3 cakes. They look fantastic and cheap even though made with butter, and real recognizable ingredients. So we got home, and I wanted to see one of the cake. And may be try it. Woahhh. Look at the picture on the left (first row) then on the right (2nd row). In English (and French and probably more languages) we call that DECEPTION. So If you go to IKEA stick to the cheap furniture...Now In San Francisco, there are a lot of bakeries. French, Chinese and yes....Austrian. My favorite croissant comes from a Viennese baker on Clement Street (at 6th Ave.)and he makes the most unbelievable millefeuille (we call it Napoleon here) with cream and strawberries. My sister, a Parisian who only buys the best from Fauchon, Hediard etc. told me that there are unique. And I order from him the whole world's favorite cookies: cranberries and walnuts (sometimes he puts pecans) I say the whole world because except if you hate sugar or cranberries or walnuts (My husband!) you cannot help eating tons of these cookies. I bring them to everyone and I promise you they all love them. So yesterday, I sent my son to collect an order: 2 cakes and 2 pounds of cookies. He came back but no cookies!! I called. The owner Hans recognizes my voice and right away apologizes. Well "don't worry I will send a messenger to you tomorrow morning" Great. That is good news because I have a party and will be busy and don't want to drive back to San Francisco. Well it is 9 am and the doorbell rang and not only did I get my cookies but he added a freshly baked cake with fruit on it. THIS IS BUSINESS. For sure, he will see me back in his store. Actually Hans is clever, in order to get rid of his baked goods every day, he puts them 1/2 price from 5 pm. If you are there at 5:30, the shelves are empty. Thanks Hans. I should say danke schon Hans! See the pictures with the cookies (in a box) the "present" I got a fruit cake and the napoleon my sister dreams about.


Anonymous said...

How did IKEA get in here????


Simone says said...

Well, if you read the introduction to my blog everything is interesting to me:, people, sLet me share some great moments in my every day life." it is part of one great moment in my life..FOOD!!