Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Second day at work...Bon Appetit. What an inspiration!

So this is my second day and before I begin to say anything, this is our dinner tonight: BBQ chicken (frozen brand from Empire) Risotto with asparagus (made from scratch ladies and gentlemen) and grated carottes in vinaigrette. I went in the kitchen and saw this risotto recipe: sauteed some onion in olive olive. Add risotto and when slightly yellow, add hot water (formula is 1 cup of risotto for 1 ½ cup hot water. You can use hot chicken broth or any vegetable broth) Now attention: the risotto needs to be stirred so it does not stick to the bottom of the pan. Then in different pan, steam or cooked in water a handful of asparagus (I had some from frozen Tjoes). When still a little bit crunchy, add to risotto which is cooking. Season with white pepper, salt and when all cooked, add some grated parmesan cheese and butter (optional). So you see after being there two days, I am giving you a first recipe! Today I got “invited” to see how they make the crepe batter. Then I saw the pastry chef make their own nutella!!!!!!!!!! (Hazelnut spread for the crepes bien sur!) Now and my lunch, will you ask? Just a slice of roasted vegetable pizza and a Caesar salad. I wish Eddy (at UC Davis) could eat this kind of food. Tomorrow I will add pictures!

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