Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cheeseburger: I plead guilty! Confession time

So Erik the grillmaster complained that I still did not taste his hamburgers. Well Eric forgot I have been working there for 6 days...since I don't want him to be disappointed I ordered a cheeseburger today. With onion rings..It was Angus beef, absolutely to die for. I did not eat the bun part. Too much for me. But I added a Caesar salad and I was in heaven. Better than any cheeseburger I have eaten. Then I took a look at the kitchen, they were making Chef Salads. And the baker was making scones, the way it looks (like Ice cream no??) is fun: they use an ice cream scoop for the dough. I met Nourredine: my new friend from Algiers. We, of course, speak French together. And we are longing for....couscous. So may be I talked to the Chef to make a real couscous. (but would it be Algerian style or Tunisian style???)

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