Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sausages, Crepes, Fresh Orange end to my paradise.

So here is the end of the sausage. First correction, he steamed them then fried them so the Vegans can "recognize" the sausages look. You want it or not they must miss the good meat or chicken taste. So we "fake" the look! Now today, a very nice man came from Springbill in California and made fresh squeezed orange and pomagranate (grenade in French)juices. You read well. So imagine...10 am a fresh glass of orange juice at work. Lunch was only a crepe made by Tito (he is not from Yugoslavia but the Philippines and he knows crepe' technique like a guy from Brittany!!!) filled with chicken, cheese, pesto, mushrooms and a glass of pomegranate. No I have not put on weight yet. Thanks for asking though!

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