Thursday, October 23, 2008

My head is spinning: Mexican, Sushi, Homemade ravioli...

I arrived this am and as usual, go and see the bakers. Chris and Gil: Gil is specialized in pastries (complicated one) Chris makes the cookies, muffins, scones and cupcakes. Gil was making some "tuiles aux amandes fourrees a la mousse au chocolat au lait" Literally translated thin almond cookies in a cone shape filled up with milk chocolate mousse. I took the picture when she was spreading the dought with a spoon and the finished product. I should have come back but I was busy taking a complicated order for a client. Chris just finished pumpkin cupcakes with a butter flavor icing. Not for me but very pretty non?? Well today was another special day: a writer came and introduced her cookbook so they demonstrated some recipes around the cafeteria. They offered home made sushi (Yes, you read well!) and a delicious pasta recipe as follows: sautee a lot of crushed garlic. Add some diced dried tomatoes, some baby spinach (washed of course) when the garlic is golden and the spinach wilted, add some freshly cooked fettucine. I am sure he put some pepper too. And the surprise ingredient was black wild rice (pre cooked too) He added a handful when he was tossing the pasta. Add some feta cheese and sliced black olives before serving. It was so good!!! I passed in front of the Mexican area, the salad and wraps area and on my way back to my office, I stopped at the bakery: I found xx making homemade stuffed ravioli with ricotta and pumpkin squash for the vegans! The dough was homemade. You can see the picture. Now we are talking business!!! So I promised him I will try his area tomorrow. I have no idea if only one stomach can take all that. But wait a minute, can you imagine I discover another area for "staff and faculty" (moi!) with entirely different menu and hotel style serving! Chafers, real cutlery, tables with flowers Come on, this is more than spoiling this is insane!

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