Thursday, December 11, 2008

Losing your driving license is not too bad....if you can use your time to learn something.

So I lost my driving license. In the United states, you cannot drive without it in your possession while driving so I left work early and lined up at the Department of Motor Vehicles (called MVA on the East Coast.)in San Francisco. Well I did not exactly waste my time. When I got there, there were 120 numbers (= people) before me. How to kill time? I began to read the news on my blackberry but I realized news were around me: I began to study how the organization works. I asked to speak to the person in charge. I met Fred. And he explained to me that everything is now completely computerized. So if the computer system does not work, they might as well close their office. I always said everywhere and everybody needs a plan B. Because one day, we will have an earthquake or no electricity for some reason and ....???? So do you know how lucky our immigrants are? (who dared say that Americans don't treat well his immigrants?) How many countries in the whole world offer driving booklets in Spanish, Portuguese, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Farsi, Arabic, Luong, Chinese, Thai, Russian, Samoan,Punjabie, Lao, Hmong, Hindi, Korean, Cambodian, Eastern Armenian (is there a Western Armenian language???) and of course English. So I did ask why no French, eh are you ready for the answer? "the French people are too smart, they come to the USA with a good level of English!" BRAVO LES FRANCAIS!!

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