Saturday, January 3, 2009

In the city that never sleeps: NEW YORK!

I was in New York for 10 days. Long time no...But imagine all we did and saw. Please don't look for the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building pictures, you will not find them on my blog.

We loved the name of the restaurant. Very Bombay I guess.

Now Mayor Bloomberg'car at the Trump Hotel. Eh eh, we did not know we had the same schedule...

GORGEOUS Or what???

Santa Claus' s car on Christmas Eve.

And the Hannukah car too...

We saw tons of things that tourists don't normally think of visiting: a Matsah factory. Yes! It is not Passover and Streitz is working around the clock already. And I even had a matsah coming out of the oven (I know matsah is not really a croissant or freshly baked bread)

And only in New York I guess...A triple baguette. I did not know there might be a double baguette.

And what about this sign found at Bergdof and Goodman?

What about the dogs? Ah yes offered for New Year's eve: Foie gras biscuits. I won't mind trying it..

Inspite of the crisis, OUR stock exchange was glorious.

Now look closely at the girl and what is behind her: BRAS!

In this bar, around 6 pm, in the meat packing district you go for a drink and you leave your bra after dancing on the counter. I thought that was very wonder why Victoria Secret is still making tons of money.
And I leave the best for the end, it was a surprise but well, nice seeing you Giorgio! Arrivederci New York. Another time without this freezing cold.

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Beer Guy (John) said...

You make me homesick for NY. It's so much fun when you don't do the "tourist trip" and see the real city. Fun!!