Thursday, December 4, 2008

You are going on my site…but what are you looking for?

I am puzzled: yesterday 25 people went on my site even though I have not been posting anything new. (The bakery is being re-done and these are the photos I love the most…) So one question, please answer the survey on the right: with your answers, I will do better. Or just hit reply below and leave your comments. Now since you asked me: I ADORE MY JOB. Yep! I am planning tons of events and juggling with menus and tasting and arguing (I am actually arguing about some Middle East recipes because…well…I know better than this Chinese Chef!) and all this in only 8 hours a day. I could work longer, I don’t do it because I want to be home and cook. I am looking at the lunches, the ideas, the combinations are endless.. I posted this fun picture from San Francisco's streets. In honor of Eddy, my son who loves Tintin. And he knows how much I miss him since he left home to College.

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