Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Trip to Geneva

Did you know that Geneva is the city where the highest percentage of rich people is concentrated? Well that was not the main reason, I really wanted to visit it. So we drove all the way from Grenoble to Geneva. It was so easy to cross the border, it is almost a shame: I used to enjoy when they stopped you, checked your passports, your faces and let you go. Now nothing. OK yes the Swiss policeman smiled at my camera. That is new too. So Geneva is just another European city full of…..come on….guess….VEILED WOMEN. We are talking again black veiled women. Rich ones. You can see veils and Gucci or Prada bags. So you feel the petro-dollars wives and the Swiss bank accounts. Very colorful city full of excitement. We saw some Anti Chinese/Tibet propaganda, more designed chairs, signs that the World Cup Soccer just happened, diamond-engraved cellphone, a Rolls Royce with an Arabic plate and of course...chocolate stores. Good bye Geneva. Une autre fois!

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