Friday, August 15, 2008

My visit in Paris

I left Paris for the end. Because Paris is now common sight. So there is nothing new to tell you except: BIKING IN PARIS WHEN YOU ARE NOT PART OF THE TOUR DE FRANCE IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I know Paris inside out, so except from one exhibition, I decided that this trip was about biking and I am not going to participate to the Tour de California either. I just fancied the idea to be among busses, taxis, cars and the crazy Parisian traffic. Well I made it: I followed my two sisters and here I was like a pro! Now I am adding pictures that don't need comments. All taken in Paris in July 2008: Can you see the supermarket yogurt aisles (four of them.) The veiled woman (they are everywhere in France) in a wheelchair? The beautiful naked woman poster on top of the Galeries Lafayette (in the USA, there will be a lawsuit for exposing a nude woman!) The Madeleine church and its colorful flowers display? and the reminder how poor we were (the Euro value sign)Don't the statue of Liberty and the Diner belong to a New York street? The first picture on top to the left is the vacuum cleaner than washes the windows of the Louvre Glass rooftop (the Pyramid one.) Cute little machine that goes up and down on its own. I always leave Paris with sadness because Paris is part of my past and memories and because I leave the people I love. I hope to be back soon because this city is always adding surprises for the tourist I am.

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