Friday, August 15, 2008

My Visit in Grenoble

I never thought I found any interest in Grenoble until my sister decided to check on an old high school friend of hers (Sophie.) So here we drove to Grenoble, around 60 miles. Grenoble is known for its ski resorts and all the restaurants are certainly for tourists (since a lot of them were Pizzeria and Italian places) Beautiful city with the Isere river crossing along different piers. We took les Bulles (bubbles) and check the city from above. Not my favorite experience since I am scared of heights but for the little I have seen, memorable views and landscapes. We went to a market where my sister bought some apricots (we actually made apricot jam in Paris!)We visited the Grottes de la Bastille (Bastille Caves)and enjoyed the most fascinating landscapes ever. We ended up meeting this girl Sophie and her husband. Well the only bad luck, she did not cook at all (pretty rare for a 55 year old French woman) so our evening was cooking our own dinner (funny no??) and discussing about good old days. The strangest part, my sister could not remember her at all!!! In the morning, we studied the weirdest machine for toasting bread: look at the green apple color machine and tell me if you ever guessed that was made for toasting bread. We left Grenoble en route to...Geneva!

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