Sunday, February 22, 2009

Who says yard sale is hell? Pas moi!

We enjoyed our yard sale tremendously especially Ava! We heard all kinds of stories. And we have some to share. Someone wanted books and came with a scanner: thanks to the code book he knew the value of each book. But at the end when he gathered 20 books and offered 5 dollars, he got nailed: I got 25, no bargain there. Because his scanner said too much...
Then there was the endless clothes shopping looking at 100 p.cent cotton shirts. He spent 3 hours for 2 shirts. Tried, removed, re-tried, re-checked, well I found out he is not married so he could have spent the whole day shopping

The funniest was this Mexican young painter. He bought a lot of things for his 2-year old and his wife. But he was picking very large and very tiny sizes. When I asked him he answered "some for his wife, some for his "amiguita" meaning girlfriend" Someone is not losing it! What about the Italian lady who lives around here and goes from yard sale to yard sale and told me "I want to be burried with junk around me" And the cheap ones who touch, turned the merchandise upside down, tried, removed and we asked for 25 cents, they said it was too much! And the grandma who had 9 grandchildren and bought more for them than any parents for their kids. And the best is Noah. At the end of the day, I put an ad saying "10 free bags. Full of things. Just pick up" It was pouring in Tiburon and I promise you Noah came with his pick up truck and emptied my garage...He took an arch with him, promised!

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