Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Speeding Ticket or when a cake can save your life

I got stopped on Tiburon Blvd, because I was speeding: on Tiburon Blvd. if you drive, you really have to respect the 35-mile speed limit zone and if you do 40 (my case, or may be I was doing 45-mile an hour) rest assured than a policeman is hidden somewhere. So 7:25 am and I am stopped. I rolled down my window and with a very strong French accent; I apologize saying I was going to a meeting. My cop was not in the best mood. I pleaded my case “please I really need to go now I will not do it anymore..and my “cake meeting” was waiting for me. “A cake meeting young lady?” the policeman bent towards the platter of two cakes just out of the oven (I wanted my colleagues to try a Sorghum flour cake and an almond cake I bake without flour but potatoe starch!) “I can give you a nice piece if you let me go and I promise I WILL NOT SPEED AGAIN!” Well it worked!!!!!! And after giving my business card, I promised him to drop a full size cake at his station. Mr. Policeman: wasn't my cake delicious or what???

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