Monday, June 16, 2008

My visit at Intel

Well it only took me one hour to reach Intel and let's put it that way, I could have done without it. Intel is the most boring company I have visited so far. The whole company is grey. I mean G R E Y. Not any grey, a prison grey: all the cubicles, everything did not do anything to me. Even though I had the most delighting hosts, Intel stays as a boring place. But well, they don't really do anything any woman will be excited about: computer chips. OK without the chips we will not have computers. But please what about adding some colors? The lobby some kind of indefinite maroon/orange sofas was ok. Nothing to be "ooh la la" about: ah yes, one of the coffee table was full of computer chips. Cute. If you like computer chips on your coffee table. Something neat was the way employees swept their badges. A bigger chip taking the datas! This was fun to watch. Now Intel is 85,000 employees with some interesting benefits: 3 weeks vacation after one year in the company. That is very unusual in the USA. Then if you work a full 7 years, you are entitled to an 8-week sabbatical time fully paid. The offices were cubicles (the norm in the Silicon valley) No doors, no private areas for anyone: CEO, President everyone has a cubicle. And the same size. And everyone decorates the outside of the cubicle, a flag, kids' drawings, calendars and a lot of "stretching, fitness" posters. Obviously someone at Intel needs to remind the employees that moving around is important. Now at Intel, the most amazing part was the museum. You go back in time since computer and cellphones were introduced. Interactive too. And around the dull campus, there were (I did not see them but I believe my hosts) basketball and volley ball courts, a fitness center etc. And a lot of advice are given about healthy lifestyles: I guess it is a MUST when you environment is so colorless. Good bye Intel.

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