Monday, June 16, 2008

My visit at Ebay

Ah Ebay. I dream of Ebay, I live with Ebay and was I excited (even though Ebay is 65 miles from my home, 105 kms) when I got my invitation to go to Ebay. Ebay in the very southern end of the Silicon Valley looks very square when you arrive. Old fashioned buildings, full parking lot. Nothing looks very exciting but the lobby has it all. The whole history of how Ebay began with the first auction and the memorabilia just makes you forget the "old fashion" look. Now do you know the story of Ebay? Ebay started when Pierre Omidyar realized his (then) girlfriend was collecting Pez candies dispensers and could not find a way to get more. Actually in the lobby, you can see all the dispensers she has been collecting for years. Do you know that Ebay is the ONLY webpage when people spend more time on than any other online site? Though making it the most popular shopping destination on the Internet. People spent an average of 17 min each time they enter Ebay. Ebay campus (it does look like a university) has a lot of fun features. There are signs with the same words you find on the web site "collectibles, toys, cars etc." see picture. I saw some employee's children playing with fussball (babyfoot) Like Google, umbrellas are everywhere to relax and sip some coffee. A relaxing mood typical of the Silicon Valley offices. I think Ebay must be the coolest company to work for: can you imagine having any desirable object at the tip of your fingers??? That's life!

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Beer Guy (John) said...

Loving your visits! Some very interesting places - and places most of us will never get to see. Thanks for sharing!!