Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Bakery in San Francisco....for Dogs!

You imagine when you see the name that, here is baker out of France baking macaroons for us, human beings...NOPE!

Nice choice of pastries and check the play on words...

So my question, did he fail baking school???
But I realized that this guy in Australia who just married his dog, might need a cake for his wedding!!! " An Australian ... decided to marry his dog. Joseph Guiso ties the knot with man's best friend, Honey the labrador. Joseph Guiso wed Honey, a Labrador he adopted five years ago, in Toowoomba with 30 friends and family members in attendance. During the "emotional" dusk ceremony this past December, Guiso vowed: "You're my best friend and you make every part of my day better."

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Sarah -in- USA said...

You're joking right? I mena, if there truly was a marriage between a man and his dog, there is no hope for humanity.