Monday, January 17, 2011

Puerto Vallarta - Images from Mexico

Going off season to Mexico...the best choice


Seen on the beach
"Santo Patrono de los cocineros, San Pascual Bailon" The sign says he was the "Saint for the Eucharistic Congress and the night life." His statue below... Well when you see how skinny he was, you wonder between the cooking, the Eucharistic Congress and the night life, how he kept on going...
Perfect dress for Valentines'Day ..Made in Mexico!!
Found in a mall. A genious coffee machine attached to a toaster oven...Made in Mexico!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now I let you interpret what you wish: on the right, no smoking sign. On the left it is a "sperm" picture, not a computer I thought. We asked the taxi driver, he said "in the summer, the kids come and drink and..."He remained silent...So do you think...Fun sign right?

Not sure about this sign...Obviously the management was wrong since it is closed down.

Very small town in the North of Puerto Vallarta

Beautiful Church in Puerto Vallarta

Inside the gorgeous church "Our Lady of Guadalupe"

A beautiful tree..

Can anyone beat this pool? Length: 800 meters = approximately 1/2 mile!

Puerto Vallarta Airport. Very clever, to get to your gate, you have to walk through stores...
No that will not lead you to Liverpool.

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