Friday, March 6, 2009

The Boss is in Town…Not alone. Californian Farmers at USF too…

Imagine being surrounded by 8 farmers coming from California with their freshly picked vegetable and fruit? Well this happened at work on Tuesday and Fedele Bauticcio, the big boss was here too. Another Italian man in my life (Sorry Fidele, Giorgio -as Armani- was there before you! )
The best oranges of California and may be ....the world!!
The best almonds ever..freshly picked, and transformed into brittle, chocolate, mint coated : Gary you are my best friend!

So almonds, organics greens, honey, apple juice, all there for the students, staff. Our chefs were getting updated on last seasonal vegetable

“Low carbon diet” was the theme: the marketing sentences were brilliant “You have changed your lightbulbs, now change your life” “Does your seafood get more frequent flyer miles. Check our company low carbon diet game:
..Oh did I mention the television was there too?

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